Roles Of Positive And Negative Stakeholders On Projects

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Roles Of Positive And Negative Stakeholders On Projects




I have seen many people embarking on projects in the past and many of those projects did not succeed. You might have been wondering why the project did not succeed. The answer is very simple. Many of the project managers and initiators failed to identify critical stakeholders for the projects. Because they do not take stakeholders into consideration, they are not able to succeed with their project. In this article, I want to look at the roles of positive and negative stakeholders on projects. I will also be looking at how you can manage project stakeholders successfully. Follow me as we are going to examine this together in his article.


Who are the stakeholders?

When we talk about stakeholders for projects. They are individuals that will be affected positively or negatively by the outcome of the project. Most times these individuals are available for your use. They are ready to assist you in managing your project. You need to identify critical stakeholders and the role that they are going to perform in your project. Doing this will assist you in knowing who you need to run to when you need assistance for your project.


When it comes to stakeholder management, there is two basic types of stakeholders that you need to consider. I can also tell you categorically that you are going to meet these two type of stakeholders for any project that you are going to embark on. We have two types of stakeholders for projects and they are:

#1 Positive stakeholders

#2 Negative stakeholders


#1 Positive stakeholders

As the name implies, these are your friends. They are positive stakeholders because they actually want you to succeed. They are ready to assist you in whatever capacity in order to ensure that you succeed in your project. The task before you is to identify your stakeholders and know who you need in a given scenario. You need to also build a good rapport with your stakeholders and make sure you are carrying them along in your project activities.


I also need to advise you that you need to relate with project stakeholders based on what they are interested in. You also need to understand that it is not all stakeholders that are interested in all the details. Some just wants a Brief about what happened to your project. That is why you really need to understand your stakeholder so that you will not turn a positive stakeholder to a negative stakeholder.


You will not want a good friend to suddenly become an enemy. That will be too disastrous.

#2 Negative stakeholders

Another category of stakeholders that you cannot run away from is a negative stakeholder. They are negative stakeholder because this category of people do not want your project to succeed. The reason is that they stand to lose something substantial if you are successful with your project. That is why they will do all that they could in order to ensure that you did not succeed.


Negative stakeholders at times might be your fellow project managers. He might feel that he should be the one handling the project and not you because of that, he will always antagonize when the issue of the project comes up. To handle such a category of people, you to make sure that you are transparent and you get your facts right anytime you have an encounter with such people. It is not advisable to completely ignore a negative stakeholder, you just need to make sure that they are properly handled.


At times too, a negative stakeholder might not really be someone that can handle the project, he is likely to be an outsider who does not want you to succeed with the project. He knows that he will be at a loss if you are able to carry out the project successfully. Take for example the case of insecurity in Nigeria. There are some people that will want the war against Boko Haram to continue because they have made a lot of money from it. This category of people are referred to as negative stakeholders.


Action Point

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