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WOW!! See 10 Fascinating Photos Of Nigeria Taken Before Its Independence

Yoruba ladies in Aso EbiYoruba ladies in Aso Ebi

Fascinating photographs of 1930s Nigeria taken by a high-ranking education inspector in the decades before its independence from Britain have been unearthed after more than 65 years.

The images were captured by Edward Harland Duckworth, who served as inspector of Education in Nigeria from 1930 to 1944, and collated into a photo album by his friend Henry Svory, who was a head of department at Ibadan University at that time.

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They provide an insight into the lives of the native population in the West African country in the decades preceding its independence from Britain in 1960.

  1. This image shows a group of students in a science class learning about the human skeleton from their teacher.

  2. As well as an image of students celebrating their graduation.

  3. The diverse selection of photos taken by a high-ranking education inspector include one of a young football team from 1947.

  4. Goods being taken off a plane.

  5. A Nigerian man stops maintenance works on a train to look at Edward Harland Duckworth’s camera.

  6. One photograph shows a group of young men bathing in the Kurama Waters.

  7. A settlement in the Northern part.

  8. The fascinating collection includes a bustling market where a train has stopped.

  9. A car belonging to some European in front of a native settlement.

  10. Yoruba ladies in Aso Ebi.

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