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What A Man Did To His Friend For Having A Bigger Manhood Will Make You Cry


Men are known for their love to brag about the size of their genitals but some of them just can’t cope with defeat. A man from the village of Nikolsk in the Urals region of Bashkortostan, Russia, is one of them.

The two friends, aged 52 and 47, were heavily drinking for several days when they decided to compare their penises and in a blink of an eye a casual penis measuring contest turned into a violent row.

A police spokesman commented on the odd incident: “Over two days the men were binge drinking, which led to a violent argument.

When words were exhausted, the attacker pulled out an axe and first struck the opponent on the head, then cut off his manhood.”

Heart-rending cries alerted the whole village and neighbours called the emergency services which take the victim to hospital. The unidentified men have reportedly known each other since childhood.

The older man has been charged with inflicting a “grave injury” on his friend. He now faces up to eight years in jail if convicted.


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