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Watch Video Of How Wicked Soldiers Beating Up A Cripple,You Will Be Shocked By The Crime He Committed


It was a shocking sight when two soldiers descended on a crippled man at New Market Road, Osha in Onitsha, yesterday, February 7.

The soldiers descended on the man, beating him to stupor for wearing a camo – clothing only worn by military personnel. In the unbelievable video, one of the two soldiers was seen as he throws away the wheelchair of the disabled man, after which the two of them began rolling him around accompanying it with serious beating.

A lot of onlookers gathered to feed their eyes but no one had the nerves to intervene for fear of being beaten alongside the disabled man. Chuks Emmanuel who shared the video captioned it:

‘What a wicked world.Military police brutalize a cripple man today at New mkt Rd Osha.Just because he was on military camouflage’

See the video below:

Click HERE To Watch Video

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