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Watch an epic fight to the death between the huge snake and giant alligator! (PHOTO/VIDEO)

huge snake and giant alligator

Most people are afraid of such monsters as a giant python snake and a huge alligator. But how about they fight each other? Oh, we love that! You can enjoy the scene from the safety of your home.

This video is amazing and it has gone viral. Both reptiles got injured badly, but the fight is fascinating. They met in a river. None of them hesitated to engage in the fight. Python has tried all sorts of its deadly tricks on the alligator: biting, suffocating, strangling.

epic fight

However, alligator seemed to be pretty invincible for them all. On the other hand, alligator tried biting and cutting off the head of the snake. None of them succeeded, but alligator retracted the first because it got pretty tired of the fight.

So, we can name the winner, but you better do it yourself after you watch the video! It is incredible and so fun to watch. Every moment of it you rejoice over the fact that you see it from the safety of your house.


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