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UPDATED: See The Top 3 Most Unlucky States In Nigeria In Terms Of Good Governance


I don’t want to call them unfortunate because that will be too harsh thus I used unlucky. But these states just happen to replace one terrible governor with a worse one especially since the start of this democratic dispensation in 1999. I don’t know the cause; maybe it’s predestination, a dearth of good leaders, the people making wrong decisions or a combination of these factors. The states I will group in this category are
1. Benue: From George Akume to Gabriel Suswan and now Samuel Ortom, the state seems to be richly “unblessed” with visionary and good leaders as governors. For a state that pridye itself as the food basket of the nation, it should be feeding a large swathe of Southern Nigeria and the middle belt with agricultural products while also taking over some food markets in West African countries. Unfortunately, agriculture in Benue is still largely subsistence. Where is the government support to empower farmers, where are the Hundreds of large farms that should be dotting the landscape? What happened to attracting huge investments in the area of processing some of these products into finished goods? Have you taken Benue orange before? Where are the juice making companies to harness these? Mechanized farming still remain a luxury to the people. What about having a state owned cargo airport to move out some farm products? Where are the good roads to move products from the villages to the towns for onward processing and transportation? I can go on and on. What is the poverty level in Benue? Security? Herdsmen? Level of development?

2. Kogi: Governance in Kogi state is nothing to write home about. Nothing is happening in that state as far as development is concerned. How many times have you seen Kogi in the news for any ground breaking developmental project? We get to see Lagos, Anambra, Rivers, Kano and even Osun. Kogi governors can’t maximise the strategic location of the state bordering many states and located at the central part of the country. Like a Kogi-born friend once told me, the only thriving economy in Kogi state is politics. The state capital looks like a modern village, no good roads, no industries. Nothing is happening in that state. Can’t think outside the box. Imagine having Abubakar Audi, Idris Wada and now Yahaya Bello as governors. Can a state be more “unblessed”?

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3. Abia: This state is a sorry case. Despite being blessed with smart and hardworking people with great spirits of entrepreneurship, of is still so underdeveloped. There are no good roads and recognisable development that can be commensurate with the human resources the state is blessed with. Their governors are just their to loot. Just imagine if Aba is located in Lagos, it would have easily become West Africa’s commercial and economic hub generating billions of Naira to the government.

Notable mentions- Kwara and Delta.

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