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Unbelievable! Read why you must knock before entering the mortuary


– Mr Kalu Ben Chima has made shocking revelations as to his practice as a mortician

– Chima who is the proprietor of Emeka Mortuary has revealed why morticians knock at the doors of mortuaries

Chima whose is popularly known as Emeka Ambulance, Okunmi Community, located at the suburbs of Ikom, Central senatorial district, Cross River state, has revealed that morticians have to battle the spiritual in the line of duty.

The mortician said that now and again, people in his line of business go through warfare with occultists and members of some secret societies before their corpses were embalmed in his mortuary.

The mortician must battle the spiritual sometimes.

Vanguard reports that the Arochukwu-born mortician, whose mortuary is located along Ikom-Calabar highway, confessed to NDV that dead bodies, especially those of occultists and members of secret societies “do give us trouble while being embalmed because their bodies have been ‘fortified’ by the devil or some spiritual forces.”

There are forces beyond the human

“In such cases, we have to pet and persuade them by talking to them to allow the chemicals to penetrate their bodies, but if they remain stubborn, we have to employ our own spiritual force and of course, power pass power and we can then embalm them,” he disclosed.



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