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Unbelievable! Popular Nollywood actor allegedly attacked by witches (photo)


Popular Nollywood actor and movie producers, Daniel Ademinokan has cried out to everyone as he claimed he is being attacked by witches in USA.

Ademinokan who has been living in the   United States of America with his family, actress Stella Damasus took to his Instagram handle to post a picture of a cat that has been at his window for a while now with the caption: “I don’t know whose Aunty this is from my village that has been showing up at my backdoor for 3 days now. Because we are in America, they’ll ask me to call Animal control. If I were in Africa now, I know what would be happening here right now in spiritual warfare. Emmm…. Who is from Mountain of Fire Here Biko? Send me your book of prayer points! Meanwhile, you this OLOGBO, go and tell your people that they gave you the wrong address o.”

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The mysterious cat that appears at Daniel Ademinokan every night in USA.

It could be recalled that, Daniel Ademinokan was once married to Nollywood actress Doris Simeon until he moved to the US with his son and got married to, Actress Stella Damasus few years back.

Nawa o, witchcraft for USA again!

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