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This List Of 7 Ministers Might Be Sacked By Buhari In 2017, You’ll Be Shocked By No.1


In the year 2017, Nigeria may experience a change of ministers. Who are the ministers that will be affected by this change? No one is sure yet, as no official announcement has been made.

However, a close look at 2016, and its activities could help speculate on the ministers that might be affected. Below is a list based on speculations:

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1. Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi

The minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi has been in the news for negative reasons in 2016. His continuous grouse with Nyesom Wike the former governor of Rivers state has made many question his competence.

Worse still, he has been accused of corruption. He might be one of those to go in 2017.

2. Solomon Dalung

Solomon Dalung

It is difficult to know where to begin with Solomon Dalung the minister of youth and sports development, from the Olympics debacle which was a shame to the entire Nigerian government. To the shabby way the Nigerian Falcons were handled despite winning their last tournament.

Or shall we begin to look at his many gaffes on social media and his controversial statements? The red beret wearing minister is likely to leave in 2017.

3. Kemi Adeosun

Kemi Adeosun

The minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun is well read, speaks brilliantly and seems to know what she is about. Yet, under her the Nigerian economy has sunk into a recession.

She has made promises and outlined plans, yet will this be enough to save her in 2017 as the economy continues to crumble?

4. Babatunde Raji Fashola

Babatunde Fashola

When Babatunde Fashola was governor of Lagos state, he performed brilliantly as many agree. So when he was to be appointed minister, many were glad.

Yet, when he got three ministries; Power, works and housing, many became skeptical. Could one man handle all those in a country like Nigeria?

He has not performed so well as suspected and in 2017, he might have to relinquish some of the ministries, to focus on just one or two at most.

5. James Ocholi

James Ocholi

The former minister of labour, James Ocholi, lost his life in an accident that claimed the life of some other family members and President Buhari will use this opportunity to make a much needed change.

6. Amina J. Mohammed

Amina Mohammed

The minister of environment has been stellar in her department, but there are reports of her unhappinness with the current Nigerian government.

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, the UN Secretary-General-designate Antonio Guterres announced that he will appoint her as his Deputy Secretary-General. She might likely leave j=her post in 2017 too.

7. Aisha Al-Hassan

Aisha Alhassan

Mama Taraba as she is popularly called is well liked, she almost made history as a Nigerian female governor, during the elections.

However, ill-health has plagued her constantly, and after she collapsed while visiting IDPs, she has been absent. She might be asked to leave to take proper care of her health in 2017.

As 2017, draws closer, Nigerians hope for a better performance from all ministers, and it will be interesting to see who will be reshuffled or removed by the president in the new year.

Below is a video of some of Buhari’s ministers and their portfolios:


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