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This hawker is the most stylish and well-dressed street seller in the world! He sells with chic!


If you do something, it deserves to be done well! This seems to be the motto of this African hawker. Since he has to sell things on the street, why not do it with style? See the best-dressed hawker in the world!

Meet Farai Mushayademo. He runs his little business in Zimbabwe. When you see him on the street, he amazes people by his style and chic. This man knows a thing or two about fashion. Moreover, he makes his own outfits! And he is good at it!

But… why is he selling water on the streets then? Well, the man says selling water is more lucrative than selling suits. People can wear one suit for years, but they need the drinking water daily! It’s a smart decision. However, since fashion is his passion, why not use it in his business of hawking?


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