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SHOCKING: This woman didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth


Pregnancy and childbirth are usually some of the most memorable times in a woman’s life. 

You can, therefore, imagine this woman’s shock when she realised that she was pregnant 31 weeks after she conceived. She only found out when she was in labour.

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23-year-old Lindsey However reportedly spent a whole summer working in bars in Magaluf, Spain, without realising she got pregnant before leaving her home.

She woke up one morning with stomach cramps and gave birth a while later.


Lindsey said she did not add any weight, still had her period and no other usual pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

Her biggest regret was that she spent those months partying, drinking and smoking which is said to be harmful to unborn babies.

She reportedly drank every day and smoked 15 cigarettes a day during her pregnancy. Her baby, Hope was born on October 1, nine weeks premature and had to be placed in an incubator.

‘In a way I’m gutted. People like having a bump and having the scan pictures. I didn’t have any of that,’ Lindsey said in regret.

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