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Shocking! Read what catholic priest was caught doing recently (photo)

catholic priest

A catholic priest was recently arrested for soliciting for sex in the US. 40-year-old Dominic Yamoah didn’t realise he was talking to an undercover police agent when he tried to pay for sex on Saturday morning, July 9.

Yamoah who was a priest at the Saint Clare parish in Clarinda and the St.Joseph Parish in Villisca, was arrested and taken to the Fremont County law enforcement center in California, USA.

According to a press release from the police department, here’s what led to his arrest: “investigation into the solicitation of prostitution in Hamburg, resulted in the arrest early this (Saturday) morning, of a man from Page County and this man is Rev. Dominic Yamoah, 40 years old.

He tried to persuade an undercover source to perform sexual acts in exchange for money. His bond was set at $2,000. The Iowa State Patrol assisted in conducting the investigation.”

According to reports, Roman Catholic officials say he has been suspended from public ministry.


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