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Shocking Confession: Any Traditional Ruler That Sees Me Will Die, You Won’t Believe Who Said So (Video)


Oba Aruna Ishola, a traditional ruler, the Onido of Idolorisa, has revealed that any other Oba that sees him will die untimely. He also disclosed that drinking of palm wine, and eating of snakes were forbidden for both indigenes and strangers in the community.

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To prevent mass deaths, Oba Ishola said he does not attend the meetings of the Ogun State Council of Obas and Chiefs.

He said becoming an Oba in Idolorisa and living in the community come with a lot of restrictions.

He told reporters that the moment he became Oba, he was forbidden from seeing other traditional rulers.

Shocking Confession: Any traditional ruler that sees me will die (Video)

Shocking Confession: Any traditional ruler that sees me will die (Video)

According to him, “My crown should not be seen by any other Oba in Yorubaland.

“If another traditional ruler sees me with my crown, that monarch will die in a matter of days.

“Such traditional ruler will die an untimely death.

“My crown is not ordinary. It is an ancestral crown and is the same crown my fore-fathers, who had occupied this position, wore.

“It may sound strange, but that is what would happen.

The Oba also noted that it is also forbidden for him or any of his subjects to sell land in the community. Land is freely given to any stranger who wants to reside or use it for commercial purposes.

He said those that founded the village, never sold land, “Who are we to do it?” he asked, adding that members of the community were not ready to bear any consequences for violating the traditional law.

He said women who have just been delivered of babies are not allowed to go near the palace during the first three months after delivery.

“It is a tradition handed down to us by our fore fathers.

“The tradition is as old as the town and it has been like that ever since.

“There is nowhere there are no taboos.

“If a child is born to me today, I will not see him or her and he or she will not enter this palace until 90 days.”

Below is a video in which Oba Aruna Ishola makes some shocking revelations

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