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SHOCKER: See What Shiites In Bauchi Just Did To Christians Living In Bauchi State, You Will Be Shocked By What They Did

1/02/2017 , members of the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement visited Christian Association of Nigeria  (CAN) Headquarters in Bauchi.

The visit is aimed at promoting mutual understanding and familiarization between the Islamic Movement and Christian Association of Nigeria and as a gesture of bringing Unity among people of different faith in Nigeria.

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Rev Joshua Maina,  the Chairman CAN ,Bauchi thanked the Academic Forum for what he called the wonderful visit. Reverend Joshua encouraged  Nigerians to embark on similar campaign for the unity of the entire people of  Nigeria . He showed dismay on how some media outlets are trying to incite people to turn against Shaikh Zakzaky and Shia Islam, despite the fact that Shaikh Zakzaky and Shia are the most peace loving people and dedicated citizens of Nigeria.

He called on all people of conscience to shun Saudi Arabian campaign of disunity and terrorism as well as its western allies.

Academic Forum presented a gift designed by the Academic Forum’s Art and Design unit showing the Inscription of Jesus.

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