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She met a lover and asked her husband to make this person his second wife! See the result!

Most women hate it when their men stare at other women or show interest in them. But this wife spent four years trying to persuade her husband to get a second wife! See how the story ended.

two wives in bed

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The unusual family lives in USA. Why would a woman want her man to take in another one? Well, because the girl was HER lover! At first she talked to her man and said that she had some “emptiness” in life and asked his permission to get a female lover

wives lovers

The woman is 27 and her husband is 28. Then she met 20-year-old Melissa. The girls “fell in love” and she invited her to share sex with her husband. Until the women met, the family seemed to be a pretty happy one with two kids in it.


That’s what they look like now. The wife Diana begged the man to take Melissa as his second wife and let her be the part of their family. After 4 years of discussions Manny eventually agreed to such an unusual arrangement.

two wives

unusual family

Surprisingly kids have taken well to it. They just love their second mommy. Now they call both women their moms. But it took the man a while to get used to such a situation. Still he realized he really liked it all and it was easier for women to take care of the kids together.


After the childbirth the wife Dianna dealt with depression. She had no one to talk to about it. When she met Melisa, she met her best friend. The girls admit that at times they do get jealous over sharing one man, but a threesome allows them to experiment in bed.


seccnd wife



website maintenance and social media management


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