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SHAME! Governor and lawmaker exchange blows in public (photos)


Two top politicians were engaged in a public show of shame after a fight broke out between them at a political rally.

The governor and lawmaker exchanged blows at a rally

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According to reports, the two politicians identified as area governor Cyprian Awiti and the Kasipul-Kabondo’s county Member of Parliament (MP), Oyugi Magwanga, had argued so much that they ended up wrestling themselves to the ground, ignoring the fact that other party bigwigs were present.

The men who are also representatives of the Orange Democratic Movement Party (ODMP) in Kenya, were eventually separated by the party leader, Raila Odinga.

The fight was said to have been caused by supporters of the politicians, while some chanted their support for Awiti, saying they wanted him re-elected, the others in support of Magwanga, said he needed to be voted out at the main elections in 2017.

See another picture below:

The two politicians wrestled each other to the ground

All we want to know is, who won abeg?

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