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See what this man did to his girlfriend after 10 long years of dating (photos)


– Adenike and Oluwaseun are a couple that have gone viral on Instagram

– Adenike shared her proposal and revealed the pair have been dating for 10 years

website maintenance and social media management

Adenike and Oluwaseun.

A couple on Instagram have gone viral for their love story. The lady is called Adenike and her boyfriend, Oluwaseun, proposed to her yesterday on October 10. It was the story behind it that had everyone talking.

Adenike revealed the pair had been dating for 10 years and she was 17 at the time. Now, the pair are engaged and due to wed soon. See photo below:

Adenike’s engagement ring.

She said: “I was only 17 when I met you Oluwaseun, I knew little or nothing about love, you taught me to love, you groomed me from the little girl I was to the beautiful woman I have become today. We have gone through the ups and down together,when people called their girlfriends sweet pet names, you call me “baby terror” lol.”

website maintenance and social media management


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