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See What Policemen Did To A KAI Officials For Arresting A Policeman In Lagos


Some Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials on Tuesday, July 19, arrested a police officer for not using the pedestrian bridge in Ikeja area of Lagos. correspondent at the scene of the incident gathered that the police officer crossed the expressway without knowledge of the KAI officials on parade.

It was after crossing to the side where the ever-waiting officials were that he realised just how much offence he had committed as they simply nabbed him and were going to put him in their truck.

The police officer who was said to be stunned by the incident asked to be released immediately, but the enraged officers would have none of his threats as they insisted that he followed them into their waiting truck.

It took the intervention of other police officers to secure the release of their colleague during the impasse which had already attracted the people on the railway line.

Eyewitnesses told our correspondent that even the espirit de corps slang used by fellow force men did not work for the police officer because the KAI officials insisted that he was wrong to have crossed the road without using the pedestrian bridge.

Some were also of the opinion that the police officers as well as other force men are fond of going against the laws of the land, especially ones for which people are being consistently prosecuted.

“How many force men have you seen using the pedestrian bridge before? Or how many of those people follow the traffic rules? “That is how all those people behave, so I am not surprised that this police officer was caught in the act today.

If not for his colleagues, he would have been taken to their office to be properly dealt with,” an angry eyewitness told


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