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See What Nigerian Men Do To Avoid S*x With Their Partners


The idea that men would be doing something to AVOID s*x seems absolutely crazy to me. Yet, here we are, and it’s happening in 1 out of every 5 relationships.

As a woman, I feel that I am the queen of avoiding s*x, and I know that I’m not the only one out there who has faked a tummy ache, pre-menstrual cramps or have lied about the last time they showered.

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So, is there a legitimate reason why men turn down s*x and what they do to avoid having it? According to a new study, they are watching more P0*n.

It turns out that 1 in 5 men are avoiding intimacy with X-rated films, and those who regularly watch P0*n end up being less interested in real s*x with their partners. And just like anything that you do regularly, these P0*n-watching men are building up a s*x tolerance, leaving them less likely to enjoy the act with their partner.

A clinical psychologist specializing in s*xual problems, Dr. David Ley, said, “Men use self service to compensate for lack of s*xual satisfaction in relationships. As this s*xual behavior is often accompanied by viewing p****graphy, it can be easily misunderstood,” he told The Sun.

A study of 335 men in Los Angeles, California found that 22 percent of men preferred to look at P0*n than having s*x with their partner. And 28 percent of these men said that they turned to self service over actual intercourse with their partner.

The men who said that they preferred self service were more likely to have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. Also, the men who preferred P0*n and self service over intimacy with their partner were significantly less happier in their relationships. The men who reported feeling unsatisfied with their s*x life were more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

s*xual psychologist, Dr. Nicole Prause, says that erectile dysfunction is usually what leads to P0*n use, not the opposite way around.

“This supports exactly my concern, that men are not preferring s*x films, per se, they are more likely avoiding their partner through self service, and they happen to watch s*x films while they self service,” she said.

She strongly disagreed with recently published research from San Diego’s Naval Medical Center. This research said that there was a strong association between lack of s*xual desire and erectile dysfunction, and watching P0*n regularly.

Researchers are saying that too much P0*n is increasing s*xual tolerance, causing issues in a regular s*x life. However, Dr. Prause argued that this study didn’t ask men enough about self service.

“This is known as a third variable problem,” she said. “The authors seem to be trying purposefully to blame s*x films for erectile difficulties.”

So, if you want an answer to why men turn down s*x and notice that your guy doesn’t seem too into having it these days, it may be time for a talk. He might be watching way too much P0*n OR you guys need to start switching it up in the bedroom.

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