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See What Happened To A Soldier Who Was Traveling To Get His Girlfriend Engaged (Photo)


Verbatim testimony(Not edited) as shared by him. Please the substance is not his English but the miracle of God upon him and his love life.

Good evening to you all, my family, relations, friends out there, I have given God the thanks so I decided to shares my testimony to the world…..

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I know it wil pains my enemy’s once more but I promise them by the powers of the Almighty God who I serve and believed on they can never killed me even in their next life ….

Is good to follow Gods directions and directive, I was traveling getting to abuja I discovered the car I usually follows to ph has move as early as possible, so I decided to take a small car to lokoja I get dere out about 6pm from 6pm I starts waiting for motor til 1:30am, finally I saw one but no sit the only way is to entre as an attached to stand from lokoja to ph, but as an officer in NA I paid even higher more than what they pain before so I entered and stand besides a young boy that I thought as guy we rapo together maybe to set a little sit beside him but before I realized the guy start shouting at me punishing telling me move away near him and me as a soldier I started to feel upset I wanted to act like one but I heard a voices leave that place I turn back one old man in the bus called me my son allowed the devils to pass and come to this place I move immediately before someone move to dere.

I pick my Rosary’s and prayed for two minutes and open my eyes start operating my phone the next a bus that was carrying 100 and something peoples tumble 5 times at about 2:30am the only thing I would remember I was shouting was Jesus Jesus but Jesus hear me and brought me out of this accident wen I came out same old man escaped and called me my boy that your friend that wanted to beat you is among of those that die and the girlfriend that was supporting him is in critical condition so my brothers the only way to escape death from your enemy’s is to get closer to God the Creator of Heaven and earth…..

Thanks to you all for your prayer and this thing happen when I was promoted and I was travelling to engaged the the most precious Gift has given me to make a wife…..that’s She wit Me in this PICTURE…

website maintenance and social media management


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