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See What Ex-British Lawmaker Who Said Buhari Is Dead Did When Asked To Provide Evidence Of President Buhari’s Death


Controversial ex-British parliamentarian, Eric Stuart Joyce, who earlier claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead, has spoken about the president’s health again.

In a new tweet, Joyce said in a democracy, it is only fair for Nigerians to be confident that the president is alive. earlier reported that Joyce stirred controversy when he tweeted at the Wife of Nigerian President, Aisha Buhari, condoling her over the president’s alleged death.

He however, received strong condemnations from Nigerians and foreigners alike, as Joyce cited a fake UK Metro website as his source. 

The ex-parliamentarian who was impeached from the British parliament has now spoken up again.

Joyce, while replying to a tweet by a Nigerian who asked him to provide evidence of the alleged death, said: “No. In a democracy, it’s fair to expect to be confident your president is alive.”


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