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See What Boko Haram Said About President Buhari That Is An Insult To Nigeria As A Nation


A new Boko Haram video has emerged where a little boy mocked the Nigerian army and government and claimed that the sect is about to renew its attack on Nigeria.

The little boy, who couldn’t be more than 14 years claimed that there still many members of the sect alive and that the army can’t kill them all.

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In the video, which shows how the sect celebrated their Sallah day, the child soldier who was carrying a sophisticated weapon said: “Allah has commanded us to fast and after fasting we should observe Eid prayer because fasting has been made mandatory on you like the it was made for those that came before you.

“I am hereby rejoicing with you my brethren and we should increase in supplications to Allah.

“Then my second message is to all the infidels worldwide. I swear by God, we are here, you’ve not killed us all. You are broadcasting that you’ve killed us all, we are here.

Now you’ll feel our presence more. It is now that we’ll renew our war. “And listen again, democracy is Haram.” 

Another member of the sect who spoke in the video urged Nigerians to turn a new leave and follow Allah. He said if Nigerians decided to accept Allah, they (the sect) would welcome them as brethren and ceased the Jihad war. He however mocked the ailing President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari for threatening to wipe them out.

He said: “I don’t have much to tell my brethren in Islam here in Nigeria and worldwide other than to tell them is that we thank God we are fine. “All statements infidels are making that they’ve cleared us are false.

They are of no capability to clear the religion of God. “Allah is more powerful than them. So what I want to tell my brothers in Islam is to be patient and remain firm on this path.

“This is the authentic path that the prophet, his companions and pious predecessors threaded. Let’s be patient and remain firm, there is nothing this Infidels will do to us, they are full of falsity, there is nothing they are doing to us, and this has only increased our faith and certitude. 

“We thank God, my brother lets remain firm and be patient. This infidels have deployed all they (have in arsenal ) but God is more powerful than them.

“We know its not by our might or wisdom, it is only God that has assisted us and because we are on the right path. We pray God continue to make our foot firm and eliminate show off from our minds.

“And secondly, my message to the demi-gods and infidels in Nigeria; you can fight with God. Repent and accept the religion of God.

“If you repent today, you are our brothers. If we don’t accept you as brethren then we are also infidels. I am calling on all Nigerian and the infidels worldwide to come and worship God.

“And I swear (to you civilian JTF) the infidels in Nigeria are just deceiving you, they just want to kill you, make your children orphans and make your wives prostitutes and impregnating them. They are there at the IDP camps.

“They are blackmailing us just to prevent you from practising your religion. Practice your religion and repent and if you don’t! Just check yourself, what is it that they’ve not deployed on us? They are just deceiving you. 

“Where is the Buhari now, he is boasting that he’ll clear us, he can’t clear the religion of God. Where are the likes of Bush, Obama, Francois Hollande, they all tried their best not to talk of a small thing like him( Buhari).

“So I’m calling on my brothers in religion to remain firm, this infidels are just but Liars. There is nothing you can use to harm the religion.

“Your aim is to start causing divide among us, making all sort of lies. Know, you can’t do anything to us other than even making us firm.

“So repent and whoever will not, we pray God should expose them. Just imagine, those we never thought are hypocrites are exposed. God will continue to expose them and we’ll slaughter them.

“So the infidels of Nigeria; fear God in the lies you’re spreading. And imagine you’re praying, you’re just wasting water for ablution, you’ re lying to deceive people by saying you’ve cleared us, just cheap lies. May the curse of God be on you. This is the end of my speech I celebration of Eid.” 

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The group also claimed that democracy is a taboo.

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