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See Shocking Number Of Unemployed People In Nigeria


tatistician General of the National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria, Dr Yemi Kale has released statistics of the number of unemployed people and the rate of unemployment for 2016.

Kale highlights that unemployed persons has risen to 11.55 million in the fourth quarter (q4) of 2016 from 11.19 million in the third quarter (q3) which indicates an increase of 0.36million as labor force rises to 81.15mn from 80.67mn.

It therefore means that the unemployment rate has risen to 14.2% in q4 2016 from 13.9% in q3 2016.

The underemployment rate, Kale wrote, rose to 21.0% or 17.02 million persons in q4 2016 from 19.7% or 15.91 million persons in q3 2016.



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