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See Role Goodluck Jonathan Played In The ‘Removal’ Of CRS from School Curriculum


It is the height of ignorance and deliberate mischief to accuse the minister of Education or the presidency of adjusting or changing the school corricum is Nigeria.
Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) is responsible for for such exercise. Neither the presidency nor the minister of Education can single handedly review the school Curriculum in Nigeria.

Having said this,I want to categorically state that neither CRK or IRS was removed from the School Curriculum but
are now merged under one subject listing which is Religious and National Values (RNV). This is intended to be in tandem with international models. CRS and IRS are standing as distinct courses, but merged under one subject listing.That integration also embodies subjects such as Civic Education, Social Studies and Security Education. This development should be applauded with the rising case of radicalization and insecurity.

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In view of this clarification made above, contrary to the lies being peddled by war mongers, trouble makers, corrupt haunted elements, partisan ‘pastors”, and even a christian body like CAN which is now seen as a political wing of the dying main opposition party by many, this revision was made between 2012-2014.

In conclusion, it is pure wickedness and deliberate facts twisting to accuse both the Federal government and Minister of Education of an Islamic agenda.


An excepts from Guidian;

According to the NERDC boss, each of the two religious subjects has been designed to be handled by separate teachers. Curiously, he has blamed what he called “ignorant and greedy publishers” of the text books for the prevailing fuss over the new policy. He said, “in all, we have not changed the contents; the contents are intact…I wouldn’t like to use the word merged, because when you use the word, merging, it would look like you are taking them (religious subjects) as one… As far as the listing is concerned, they (CRS and IRS) are standing as distinct courses, but merged under one subject listing.” He also explained that, “in each of these, we made provisions for periods
to be set aside for teaching CRS, we have periods set aside for IRS, and we have periods set aside for teaching Social Studies. When we developed the curriculum, we also developed the teachers’ guide; and each of these teachers’ guide is separate…”

Expectedly, the present administration has been accused of some hidden agenda in this controversial policy. But the NERDC boss has refuted that, saying that the curriculum was actually reviewed under the immediate past government.

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