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See Nigerian Man Who Claims That He Is The Awaited Jesus Christ And Nigeria’s Next President (Video)

Omowole Isaac Omogoroye

In a rather strange development, a Nigerian man who identified himself as Omowole Isaac Omogoroye has declared that he is “the only son of God”.

In the same breath, Omogoroye also declared that he is set to take over Aso Rock as Nigeria’s next president.

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Omogoroye, who made his comments during an interview with Sahara TV in Lagos, was a former Student Union President at the University of Lagos.

He further disclosed that he was appearing as the awaited messiah to different countries of the world; and that when he takes over as president, Nigeria will change its name to The New Jerusalem.

He stated: “Today I’m appearing to the whole world as the one and only son of God expected back to life and I come in the new name of God as documented in the only living book, the bible, in Revelations chapter 3 verse 17, Revelations chapter 2:5, 2:7, and 2: 1.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m the awaited Jesus Christ. “My mission here is to let the world know that Jesus Christ is back.

“No man born of a woman will come from the sky down. It was only a parable in the bible. I’m here to decode that parable in Revelations. “I’m the Jesus Christ the bible is talking about.”

Watch the video here:


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