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See New Photos Of The 9-Year-Old Boy Chained By His Pastor Dad

Boy-Chained-By-Pastor Dad

Accordng to A Facebook user Who Share a new photo of the 9-yr-old boy chained by his pastor dad A year after being adopted by Ogun State First Lady, Mrs Amosun.

See What he Wrote below:
Not just a pretty face, Dr Mrs Olufunso Amosun is a Woman after Mother Theresa’s heart.

This is Korede Francis 9 years old of 2017 and the current Korede Francis 10 year old of today. The boy who was chained on his neck to die by his biological father at a Celestial Church in Ado Odo Ota Ogun State. 

Korede was adopted by the wife of the Governor,Ogun state, Dr.(Mrs) Olufunso Amosun. Thank God for the kindness of Her Excellency .#UPLIFTingtheChildren #OlufunsoCareForthelittleChild #OlufunsoUPLIFTKorede #OlufunsoDemonstratingLoveFortheChildren #UPLIFTingtheVulnerableChild.


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