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I’ve being working in College of Education Zing in Taraba State (COEZ) for years now as a part-time lecturer. They employ part-time staffs (lecturers, non-academic, security, cleaners, etc) because the state govt has not employed for a long time now and most of the staff are dead and retired.

The ones even alive are going on a 3 days warning strike on monday 19th of june 2017. The employment excercise was destabilized in 2014 for political reasons. I take home #10,000 monthly (I mean Ten Thousand Naira), which cannot even cater for my feeding, talkmore of other issues.

website maintenance and social media management

The pay is not even helping the students cos i’m not encouraged with the pay and cant conduct research and further studies with it. I dont even have access to the un-equipped library books (u can only read and go without borrowing). Just imagine taking upto 3 courses in a semester with an average of 150 students in each course, deliver lectures, give assignments, conduct CA, invigilate and mark exams, supervise students’ final year projects, with any other work assigned by your HOD all with 10k monthly (tears forming in my eyes).

Reminders have being sent to d governor (Arc. Darius Dickson Isyaku) by the provost (Dr. Mike Dio Jen) thru his Commissioner for education and also, Chairman House committee on education (Hon. John Kizito Bonzena) for the employment issue but nothing upto now. All the governor needs to do is to appoint School governing council (which was dissolved in 2014) then give a nod for the employment.

I swear to God almighty, sometimes I feel like committing suicide but I always encourage myself not to cos its not the solution. Pls help forward this till it gets to the notice of the governor as another reminder.

website maintenance and social media management


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