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See List Of Most Corrupt State In Nigeria, No.1 Will Shock You


The Statistician General of the Federation/CEO Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, Dr Yemi Kale has proven his mettle once again by the brilliant results produced from an ambitious project titled – National Corruption Survey 2017.

The survey which sought to analyse one of the greatest problems Nigeria has, corruption, was produced in form of infographics on his official Twitter page.

The graphics explain and show statistics of the various workings of corruption in Nigeria. From those affected to those who perpetrate it. Below are some of the salient parts of this survey:

Most corrupt states in Nigeria infographic 
Source: National Bureau of Statistics

According to the above infographic, the prevalence, frequency and average number of bribes paid to public official by zone is highest in south-west and north-west.

The south-west includes the following states:

1. Lagos

2. Ogun

3. Osun

4. Oyo

5. Ekiti

6. Ondo

And in the north-west we have the following:

7. Kaduna’

8. Zamfara

9. Kano

10. Katsina

11. Jigawa

12. Kebbi

13. Sokoto

Corruption in the Nigerian public sector 
Source: National Bureau of Statistics

Also just between June 2015 and May 2016, we see that Nigerians gave out about N82 million in bribes alone especially in the public sector.

National corruption survey 2017
Source: National Bureau of Statistics

It was also revealed that almost 52% of Nigerians paid bribes when in contact with a public official.

Who takes the most bribes in Nigeria? 
Source: National Bureau of Statistics

The most common bribes in Nigeria are paid to policemen and the least are paid to nurses.



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