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See List Of 6 Powerfull Things Buhari Said To Nigerians In His Sallah Audio Message


Presidency on Sunday, June 25 released a voice message of President Muhammadu Buhari greeting Nigerians and Muslim faithfuls as they celebrate Sallah.

We gathered that there has been speculations that the voice message was released to debunked rumour that the President is currently suffering from a speech impairment.

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However, the message was in Hausa, the president’s mother’s tongue. 

Below are six of the most important things the President said in his message:

1. Buhari urged Nigerians to desist from spreading false news capable of causing chaos in the country.

2. Buhari wished fellow Muslim brothers/sisters a happy Sallah and prayed the almighty Allah accepts prayers said in the month of Ramadan

3. The President said he is grateful to those who have remembered him in their prayers to get better in this holy month

4. The president prayed that May Allah give his administration the grace to deliver on promises and provide solutions to the problems in our country

5. Buhari prayed that Allah rains His blessings on Nigeria to get food with ease.

6. The president prayed to Allah to give us food, and ensure that Nigerians celebrate this Sallah in peace, and ensure end the celebration in peace. 

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