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See Childhood Photos Of Professor Wole Soyinka That You Have Never Seen Before

Wole Soyinka

Yesterday, July 13 is literary icon Professor Wole Soyinka’s 83rd birthday and he is being celebrated all over the country for his accomplishments.

Akinwande Oluwole “Wole” Babatunde Soyinka was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first African to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. 

Since then, Soyinka has gone on to make Nigerians proud in numerous ways such as being the recipient of the Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award (2009) and the International Humanist Award (2014).

Here are five photos from his childhood that you need to see:

1. Soyinka as a 10 year old choir boy in 1946. 



2. Soyinka with his sister, Tinu in 1952. 


3. Photo of Soyinka at his matriculation at the University College, Ibadan (now University of Ibadan) in 1952. He was 18 years old. 


4. Soyinka, at age 18, as a college freshman.


5. Soyinka, with his daughter Moremi, in 1963.


Happy birthday to Wole Soyinka


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