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See Barber Who Uses Fire To Cut And Style His Clients’ Hair (Photos, Video)


Want to get a really nice haircut? Try using fire! At least that is the tool Mohamed Hanafy, an Egyptian barber working in Cairo, uses on his customers.

Instead of razors and scissors, Hanafy developed a bizarre technique which straightens and styles hair using fire. He learnt about this odd hair styling procedure on YouTube, from a barber in Pakistan. 

Igniting his clients’ hair apparently gives better quality and a more lasting job to the art of straightening locks, even better than using creams. 

“The first time I thought of using this technique, I was worried of course, because I hadn’t used it before, and it was difficult as well for me to convince the customers,” Hanafy commented. He adds that “straightening with fire straightens the hair more and makes it last longer. It could last for a month or a month and a half.” 

Hanafy assures that this procedure “also preserves the color of the hair, prevents split ends and helps get rid of dandruff.” He is now en expert with the hair-blazing technique, and many clients firmly believe in him, especially young people. See this amazing procedure for yourself. Would you submit your hair to it?:

This African barber who uses fire to cut and style his clients' hair



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