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See 3 Dangerous Things That Are Killing Your Erections And Makes You Release Too Fast During S*x


Have you ever been in romantic situation with your woman or girlfriend, and you are about to have sex with her…

But problem is, your manhood cannot even get a proper erection. She tries all can to help you get your penis up but still your manhood is numb and soft.

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or have you ever tried to make love to your wife, but within few minutes of penetrating her vagina, you realize that you have released your semen and the sex is over!

I don’t need to tell you that it is such an embarrassing situation.

Over 20 million Nigerian men are suffering from different forms of sexual conditions such as:

– Unable to last longer than 2 minutes during sex

– Having a small or tiny penis size that cannot penetrate a woman’s vagina fully

– Having weak or poor erections

– Unable to Go for more than one round of sex

Let’s face, when you these sexual problems, your wife or spouse will start finding the sex boring. What most women do at this point is to start denying you from having sex with her.

If this situation continues, your wife might accidentally get involved with another man that knows how to give her an exciting sexual experience, then it becomes big trouble for you.

Because your woman will start cheating on you with another man that can last longer in bed and has a bigger manhood size.

At this point, let me quickly tell you the 4 main things that are killing your erections and making you release too fast during sex with your woman

1) Eating too much sugary foods: A lot of men take way too much sugar and fact is, sugar is not a friend to your body.

Sugar is taken mainly through sugary foods and drinks. Also, there are other foods that can affect your sexual perfomance, like fatty foods.

Sugary Food is one of the Main Erection Killers! Get Access to the supplement that helped over 1,300 Nigerian Flush out Excess Sugar from the Body System and Last Longer During Sex.

These kinds of foods will kill your penis erection and make you perform like a weakling in bed. Instead, include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet that will help you get a high level of sexual energy.

2) Too much masturbation: One of the bad habits that most men suffer from is masturbating too much just for sexual pleasure. Such an habit will tend to decrease your manpower little by little, and on a long run you will start releasing too fast during sex.

For you to increase your sexual performance and have a better erection, men health expert recommend that you avoid excessive masturbation and viewing too much performance.

3) Old Age: Most men above the age of 40 tend to notice that their ability to get frequent and harder erections drastically reduces. This is because of reduction in production of a hormone known as testerone.

The solution to this problem of low testerone is that you can increase your testerone production by taking helpful supplements.

This in turn helps your body produce more testerone that makes you last longer and get stronger erections.

Other bad habits like excessive smoking and too much stress will contribute to having weak erections and poor sexual performance during sex.

Listen, for you to be able to call yourself a man,

You should be able to last for up to 25minutes during sex with your woman
Have enough sexual stamina to go for more than one round of sex
Get Stronger Erections
And also, have a BIGGER Manhood that can satisfy your woman and give her body melting sex

Let’s face it, lots of Nigerian men are usually experiencing these problem of having a small penis and it is one of the serious issues that any man must tackle to avoid problem to his life.

Talking about having a small penis size, the good news is that there’s an enlargement oil that helps you correct this issue of having a small manhood and releasing too fast.

The enlargement works for increasing the length and girth of your manhood without any side effects.

It’s known as MK Essential Oil, and it has helped over 1,300 Nigerian men to increase their manhood size up to 3.5inches within 3 weeks

What you simple do is to use the enlargement oil to massage your entire manhood and testicles before going to bed.

website maintenance and social media management


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