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Sad! What 53-year-old man did to this 8-year-old girl will shock you (photos)


Just recently in the United States of America (USA), a 53-year-old man identified as Glen R. Ramey has been arrested for raping and the murder of an 8-year-old girl, Sabrina Stauffenberg.

Eight year old Sabrina and the man who raped and killed her, Glen Ramey.

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The man was reported to have snatched the little girl from her front porch as she waited for a ride for a ride to church. Unfortunately, the police found Sabrina’s body on Wednesday by tracing her cell phone signal.

According to MailOnline, friends of the family disclosed that Ramey, who has mental health problems, was dating a relative of the child. However, Sabrina’s stepmother also confirmed to DailyMail that the rapist is a friend of the child’s father.

Late Sabrina with her grandmother.

Shortly before Sabrina’s disappearance, she had called her Grandmother to let her know that the church bus was late to pick her up. She also informed her Grandmother that she would wait until the bus arrived to take her to church. Ramey has been taken into custody by Illinois State Police on Sunday.

Rapist and murderer, Glen Ramey and Sabrina.

The man has been accused of killing Sabrina whose body was found behind a vinegar plant earlier in the week and also being charged with predatory sexual assault of a child and murder while being remanded in custody at Richland County Jail.

Only God knows what some men gain from raping a minor

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