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REVEALED: See The Real Reason Why Ritual Killings Is On The High Side In Nigeria


Nigeria is a country that has been plagued with lots of depressing issues; thousands of people lose their lives every year as a result of rituals.

This brings us to the questions ‘when would ritual killings stop?’ and ‘why do people carry out these ritualistic killings?’ Recently, a student of University of Osun was killed by ritualists after she was sold for N10,000. Depressingly, her phone was sold for N20,000 and this made many people question the mentality of the seller and the ritualists.

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A commercial driver hypnotized her and sold her to the ritualist who offered him N10,000 and offered him twice as much for her phone.

The proceeding from the phone was shared between him and his seller. As sickening as this is, it is startling to know that people would descend to any level just to carry out their evil deeds.

Many Nigerians have been made to believe that body parts could be given to the gods in exchange for wealth and favors. There are some underlying truths about ritual killings and these would cause the public to be aware of the dangers they tend to face with their thoughts and actions.

Also, it is devastating to know that people are still practicing something as evil as that in this century where vibrant youths are getting rewarded for being creative and productive. With the tons of movies on rituals produced by the Nollywood film industry, Nigerians are yet to desist from this evil act and find a lasting means of making money.

Check out the truths behind the ritualistic killings in Nigeria and why they are being promoted in every nook and cranny:

1. People have been brainwashed

Most of the people who are involved in ritualistic killings have been made to believe that that is the only way out of poverty. It is alarming for our youths to have this kind of mentality when they could put their strengths to good use while they are still agile.

People who engage in money rituals believe that is the only way they can be made without having to work. To them, it is the fastest route to success; they do not pay attention to the repercussion when they are in dire need of money.

2. Fear

Money ritual is on the rise in Nigeria because people dread finding the ritualists and exposing them. An average Nigerian would tell you ‘why look for trouble where you know it is brewing?’

However, the ritualists will keep killing innocent people if nothing is being done to arrest them. This brings us to the questions, ‘how many more will have to die before we let go of our fears and hunt the ritualists in the society? ‘Why wait for them to find us first?’

3. Police officers attitude to people who have ‘juju’

As much as we want to know our police officers are patriotic and diligent, there is the place of fear too. It is a different ball game when officers are made to fight robbers who are with guns.

But asking a police officer who is not fortified to go fight or arrest people with charm will make them run away from the task.

Ritualists know that people dread them because of the occultic powers they possess. Thus, they keep giving their clients more reasons to believe in them and not get caught.

Watch the video below to see what children in Southern Kaduna are going through because of the killings:

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