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Revealed: See How Much DSS Operatives Earn Monthly


The mission of SSS Nigeria is to protect and serve the people of Nigeria. Still, how much do they get paid for such a dangerous job? We are not surprised that everything connected with SSS and DSS is highly classified! Nevertheless, will reveal the salary scale for SSS in Nigeria for you!

You will not find much information about this topic in open sources. The only thing that you can find on the salary scale of SSS in Nigeria is the monthly salary of the Director-General! According to Premium times, the current salary for the highest rank in SSS is N1.3 million. He actually gets this sum every month! Therefore, you can easily calculate his yearly salary – it`s about 16 million Naira.

website maintenance and social media management

What about the Nigeria SSS salary for the lowest ranks in the SSS? According to reports, they get at least 50% more money than the same ranks in the Nigerian Police Force! Therefore, if a sergeant in Nigerian police gets about 50,000 Naira per month, then the same sergeant gets about 75,000 Naira per month in State Security Service SSS! However, there have been no proofs yet.

website maintenance and social media management


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