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Read how this woman’s walking step made her man propose (photos)


– Setuntun and Shinaayo have been together for five years

– Shinnayo fell for her walking step and asked her out

website maintenance and social media management

– Their pre-wedding shoot has gone viral

Setuntun Thomas is getting married to Shinaayo. Their pre-wedding photos have been making waves on Instagram and their story has captured hearts. Shinaayo boldly went to her house to find her after being drawn by her walking step and five years later, he proposed.

An event planner said: “They met in September 2011, he came straight to her house without an invite looking for a lady with a unique walking step only to meet her best friend who everyone thought he was looking for.”

“He insisted that she wasn’t the one until Setuntun came out and he exclaimed ‘yes she is the one’, he was not only attracted to her beauty but also the way she walks.”

“To cut the story short, they started dating in October 2011. The journey has been a beautiful one even when some people said it would never last!”

“He proposed recently and guess what, she said ‘yes’ to the man of her dreams, her best friend and her everything! It was no surprise that a relationship of five wonderful years would lead to this. We can’t wait to turn up! Counting down!”

The couple have a son together and will soon walk down the aisle. See more photos below:

website maintenance and social media management


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