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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should I Tell My Neighbour To Go & Do DNA Test On His Kids?


I live in a house with three flats and in one flat I have this couple who are my friends, the man is fairly educated and his wife is an illiterate. The both of them quarrel regularly and since I am not a busybody , I do not interfere , all I do is listen but something has got me worried when listening to their quarrel, the woman always use the child’s paternity to insult the man, some of the insults go like this
“Idiot man”
“Lazy man”
“Leave my children, nor be you get them, I go carry them go meet who born them”
“Nor touch my children ooo,leave them for their papa”
Surely this insults infuriate the man and his sometimes beat his wife, I myself who is more reasonable think his three children are not really his, The wife is a trader and comes home at irregular times which also lead to quarrels , the children also do not have some facial characteristics of the said man.

I want to advise the man to do a DNA test ( only God knows if he knows what it means), but do you guys think this man is really the father or the wife is saying these things to spite him ?

website maintenance and social media management

website maintenance and social media management


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