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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should I Tell My Friend About His Cheating Girlfriend?


I’ve a close female friend, we’re very close that I know almost everything about her relationship.

There’s this guy she is dating in Ibadan before she moved down to IIorin here. This guy do call her and he his trying immensely in this girl’s life. He paid half of her School fees, buys her foodstuffs and so much more.

Fastforward, this same gal accepted the proposal of a yahoo guy (this same guy is my friend too), but we aint that close.. Whenever the other dude sent this girls money, she gives it to the other guy (yahoo guy). Though i don’t know much about the other guy she’s dating at Ib, but i do pity the guy because I feel he’s being cheated on badly. The guy calls every secs, sent the girl his ‘own’ phone because he feels he’s not getting in touch with her so much. The most annoying thing is that the guy is a barber that earns little. This same gal told me she has Never given this guy sex before but gives it to the other dude ‘daily’. I couldn’t take it.

Should i call this guy at Ibadan and explain everything in details to him, or i should let it slide?


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