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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Her Boyfriend Is Broke And A Rich Suitor Got Her This Gift, Should She Accept It?


There is this friend of mine, she’s still a student, she has a steady boyfriend whom she loves but is broke, but there has been this persistent toaster on her case who is financially buoyant. My friend has not had a laptop and phone for quite a while cos hers was stolen a while ago, and these things are necessary to read with in her school. Her parents said they weren’t getting any gadgets for her again cos the last laptop they bought was also stolen when raiders came to the reading rooms in her school. Her parents are also against her doing business in school as they think it would disrupt her studies?p.
She told this her steady boyfriend that she needs a phone and not an expensive one, i think she asked for a techno about five months ago, but her boyfriend kept telling her he would get with no show, he didn’t give her a gift on valentine even though she got him one cos he forgot and didn’t have money.
A month ago, her boyfriend moved to a new apartment. She feels he should be settled first before she reminds him about the phone.

Yesterday, she called me and told me that the persistent toaster just got her a phone. She doesn’t know what type but he said he noticed she didnt have a phone and she wasnt on whatsapp. He said it was a gift for her with no strings attached.
Our question is this, should she collect the phone, even though she doesnt really like the guy? If she does and her boyfriend sees it should she say she got it from another guy? Wont it lead to issues in their relationship?
Would really appreciate your wise and helpful comments? No insults please?

website maintenance and social media management

website maintenance and social media management


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