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PROPHECY: “Unless Buhari prays harder, he will not finish his tenure”


– Self-proclaimed man of God Stephen Ifeanyi foresees that President Buhari may not finish his term

– He said that the president should pray harder as there is plan to murder him

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– Ifeanyi added that his earlier predictions about two American presidents have been fulfilled

Stephen Dona Ifeanyi, the guest contributor, has claimed that God is speaking through him, saying that he predicted eight years ago the coming of Barack Obama as the American president.

Ifeanyi in a statement made available for, unveiled a new prophecy about Muhammadu Buhari and his presidency.

He said: “As I am talking to you the Lord has spoken again if Buhari will not pray harder he will not finish his presidency alive which means there is a plan to terminate his life.”

“Even about Jonathan and Buhari the Lord said he bringing Buhari for a reason but Nigerians will cry for Jonathan to come back before the election is was saying it to friends.”

“The Lord spoke about things to come through me, eight years ago before Obama won the primary the Lord reviled to me Obama as the Potus.

If you check my Facebook on February 24 the Lord wakes me up by this time he asked me to write which I did Donald Trump is the next Potus I posted it,” the prophet added.

Earlier this year famous Catholic priest Ejike Mbaka said that are plans to murder President Buhari over his inflexible stand on corruption.

Mbaka advised Nigerians to desist from speaking evil against the president.

He later criticised the president over the current economic situation saying that Nigerians may vote him out in 2019 like they did with Jonathan.

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