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“Please Help! This Is What Happens To Me After Sex”


Hello Doctors/Dermatologists. Ok i know some of you all might have seen this in several online forums, but this is 100% true.

I tend to get Acnes/Pimples anytime i have sex ; the acnes might come immediately or maybe just the next day but the bottomline is that i tend to have Acnes whenever i have sex and whenever i stay off sex for like a week or more, my face gets back to normal.

I’ve seen some other people complain about Acnes connection with Masturbation and Sex without getting help, so i thought it wise to bring the topic up in this forum because i’m certainly sure i am not the only one going through this torture.

So i ask , Please is there any way i can Enjoy my sex life without having the fear of Acnes breaking out on my face.

N/B: I dont masturbate and that doesnt mean i’m against those who does. Please ignore any typo, I am an Igbo man and English isnt my official language. Thank you.


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