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Pastor Paul Enenche calls popular Lagos prophet a wizard [WATCH]

Pastor Paul Enenche

Respected preacher and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Enenche has lambasted a popular Lagos Prophet for leading people to hell.

The medical doctor turned preacher while warning his members against listening to the said prophet or going to his church, affirmed that the judgement of God would soon come upon the self-acclaimed man of God.

DailyPost stumbled on an 11 minutes 44 seconds footage by the man of God who claimed most pastors were not actually called by God.

He voiced his conviction thus: “There are many native doctors wearing suites claiming to be men of God.

”They speak our voice, but their nature is different. They preach messages that are similar but are of the devil. There is a WIZARD in this nation that is called the Prophet. Men of God are rushing there for meetings.

”If you are a Pastor, you receive N100, 000, if your title is Reverend, you earn N150, 000 and if you are a Bishop, you collect N500, 000 per meeting.

“Have you ever seen where they give people money to attend pastors’ meeting? The preacher wondered.

“The agenda is to impact them with satanic power. A hungry pastor who runs to Ministry is because he has no job.

People that God didn’t call for lack of job and lack of what to do with their life; they become Pastors, they are running to such places.

The cleric also accused another man of God of pirating his message, ‘word for word.’

His words, “I personally listened to the television one time and I saw one pastor preaching a message I once preached here word for word.

I said to myself, what is this? It is not possible, so I had to call the owner of the TV station to get me the man’s number. When I called him, he said yes sir, someone bought me the tape.”

Watch full vedio below.


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