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Our Next Action If Igbo People In The North Refuse To Leave By October 1 – Spokesman Of The Arewa Youths Coalition, Abdulazeez


Igbo people living in the northern part of Nigeria must obey the quit notice issued to them by Arewa youths recently, according to a spokesperson of one of the organisations, Suleiman Abdulazeez.

Suleiman Abdulazeez’s current warning negates a report at the weekend that the national president of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Yerima Shettima, said Igbo people in the region are now safe.

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Abdulazeez, the spokesperson of the Arewa Youths Coalition, said upon the expiration of the quit notice, the youths in the north would meet with the governors of the 19 states that make up the region.

The meeting would be to move that the north withdraw the ownership of property belonging to Igbos if they failed to leave the region. 

In a recorded interview with Dickson Iruegbu of the Nigeria Right Now Project, Abdulazeez said the Igbo people in the north must leave.

He also said the north does not believe in restructuring as was being clamoured for. “We gave the Igbos quit notice because we want to have peace.

You see, some people have insisted that they are not Nigerians. “And their brothers in other places supported the impressions and supported that they are not Nigerians, but people of an independent nation of Biafra, then we asked them to go.

“We did not say there’ll be violence. “But if by October 1 the Igbos in the North fail to pack their things and go, we’ll go to the government, ask them evoke the properties. And went that didn’t happen, we’ve done our best.

“I’m concoring to Nnamdi kanu’s position that the Igbos are entitled to Biafra and so should quietly leave our region. We are helping the Igbos achieve their aim. “Igbos are not entitled to be equal citizens with other Nigerians in Nigeria. No they’re not unless a referendum is conducted and they say ‘yes we are Nigerians,” he said.

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