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My Fiancee’s Parents Want Me To Convert To Islam, Should I Convert? – Nigerian Man


A confused young man, Michael Petson, has come out to seek for some advice after his fiancee’s parents demanded that he changes religion before he can marry their daughter.

According to him, he is in love with the said girl, a Muslim, while he is a Christian. He said the parents do not object to their union but they want him to convert to Islam.

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Read below his outcry:

“I’m in love with this Muslim girl and she loves me more. Her parents are ready to let me marry her for free with one condition – If I convert. We have been dating for 2 years now. Her father sent her mother to my house last month to know where I am living.

“I can’t explain the kind of love I have for her and the way she loves me is wonderful. Her parents don’t need money from me all they want is for me to convert and she will be my wife.

“It’s a big task to convert though many of my Muslim friends are promising many things if I do convert. As of now I am meditating on what do next. That’s why I am looking for more advice. She also wants me to convert.”

What advice will you give young man in love?

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