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MUST READ: Top 11 disturbing questions President Buhari should answer

buhari-thinkingPresident Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari was elected as Nigerian president in 2015, defeating former leader Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari came to power with his All Progressives Congress, promising to change Nigeria. However, some Nigerians have more questions than answers to their problems.

Ogira Ejaah, guest contributor, writes 11 questions to President Buhari, begging him to tell Nigerians the truth of the happenings in our land.

Since May 29, 2015, there have been a lot of developments both explainable and /or difficult to understand. The government has been the one taking the fight to the citizens despite the fact that the populace had committed their fate to God believing that those in power would reason on the need to govern with peace. As it is, the government had found every Nigerian guilty of one offence or the other yet the people persevered and kept quiet.

Since the present day government people see themselves as holier than all other citizens, we do want them (the president in particular) to please answer the following questions in the different spheres they are asked.

1. Before the 2015 election which the INEC conscripted in connivance with APC to bring Buhari to power, there were 42 ministers whose salaries were provided for and approved in the budget. Between May 29 and November 9, there were no ministers. How much was the surplus balance of the salaries and allowances for the ministers? Since salaries are not paid backward in Nigeria, the government should honestly tell Nigerians where this money is kept.

2. In the 2015 budget, there were provisions for various capital projects particularly the road sector. The provisions were not just made but practical construction was ongoing on at least 32 roads throughout Nigeria.

Chiefly among these were the Abuja – Lokoja road duplication project which was about 97.5% completed; East – West Road, Loko – Oweto road and bridge to link Abuja/Keffi to Southern Benue/Eastern Nigeria; 2nd Nigeria Bridge at Onitsha; dualisation of Bwari (Abuja) – Gurara Dam Road – Kaduna State; expansion of Lagos – Ibadan express way; rehabilitation of Gusau – Sokoto Road; dualisation of Kano – Maiduguri road; construction of Kano – Katsina road; construction of Aba – Calabar federal road, dualisation of Abuja – Lafia – Makurdi road, Lafia – Yola direct link (bridge and road) etc.

One need also to mention the stoppage of work on the Kaduna – Abuja brand new railway track that had reached 98% completion stage before Nigerians mistakenly voted out the PDP government. Since work on all of these projects stopped immediately Buhari took over, what happened to the money set aside for them in the 2015 budget? The Goodluck Jonathan government severally assured Nigerians that money being used to construct all of these projects were not borrowed neither were they owing contractors.

3. The Department of State Security (DSS) now has several horns with which it bullies perceived political opponents so much so that her personnel now carry arms to invade Ekiti state house of assembly. Tell us; is DSS now an arm of the military, police or any of the para-military? Are we in war that a federal institution can demean any other institution? Does that not reflect dictatorial coloration? Let somebody answer me.

4. To remind Nigerians, the DSS is just playing out exactly the same script Buhari developed in 1983 to haunt down the bad debtors of the moribund Bank of the North.

5. Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign is more of street fight between two villagers than intelligence, investigative and judicial prosecution. What manner of fight against corruption is that? In other words, by simply suspicion, a Nigerian can be locked up as long as it pleases the powers that be.

6. We have witnessed severally, situations where a competent court of law will sit, analysis, assess and make comparison, grant somebody bail and yet the EFCC which is now being used as an agent of disintegrating Nigerians refuse to release such suspect.

7. It is worth mentioning that arresting loots/corrupt officers cannot in itself stop corruption. Killing a rabbit never blocked its holes and as such any other rabbit could inhabit the hole. Intelligently blocking the avenue that made anybody to steal can save money for the government rather than pursuing people along the street to refund what is believed to have been stolen. That’s why I did mention earlier that the war against corruption has become more of a street fight between two villagers.

8. Very recently, the EFCC boasted that they had recovered over three trillion (N3.0trillion) which they claimed, was deposited with the CBN. The government budget for 2016 is about N6.0trillion out of which it planned to borrow about N2.0trillion from China to execute its projects. Study of economy tells us that if we have N300.00 we cannot at the same time borrow N200.00 (on interest).

9. The Rivers state government set up a judicial board of enquiry which indicted its former governor of embezzling about N70 billion – out of which substantial amount was donated towards the Buhari organization for campaign in the 2015 election. The said former governor, Rotimi Amaechi holds sway as a minister of transport in Buhari’s government. Is that not corruption?


The same with Lagos state government. Even though an APC governor is in-charge in Lagos, only God knows how much billion of naira was chunked out of the state coffer to campaign for Buhari in 2015. It is a known fact that Tinubu the God-father of APC in Lagos, cajoled the then governor to dole out as much as possible for Buhari’s presidential ambition. The result is that the then governor was compensated with minister-ship of a whole three wealthy ministries: Power, Road and Housing. What can be more corruptive than this?

Since May 2016, there had been wide publications in the media that the Chief of Army Staff under Buhari, Lt. General Buratai committed fraud as head of military procurement (for buying and refurbishing of second hand vehicles) instead of brand new ones. An amount of over N2.0billion was said to have been stolen by Buratai that he successfully bought two large properties in Dubai – United Arab Emirate to the tune of over N1.5billion. Buhari’s anti-corruption agency, EFCC shamelessly came out to tell Nigerians that those houses were bought with Buratai’s personal savings. How much has been Burutai’s salary put together for the past ten years that he could save to purchases those houses? How come he bought two more houses in Abuja in less than a month after his ascension to the office of Chief of Army Staff?

10. Fuel scarcity/power distribution: During the campaign, Lai Mohammed said that an APC government shall build at least four new refineries in her first three years in office. The government is over fifteen months since that stage-managed victory organized by Jega & co, yet fuel scarcity had become more perennial. Even then, Lai Mohammed’s fake promise displayed ignorance of the highest order as it takes over four to seven years to build a fully-fledged refinery as the process leading to its building follows several processes – conception, feasibility study, design, and so on and so forth. I believe Lai Mohammed also know that all these stages require legislative backing unless the APC government wants to use the military approach as it had continued to do.

To tell Nigerians that prior to the APC government, fuel pump price was N87.00 was not really necessary again. Today, official fuel price goes for N145.00 per litre – N58.00 above what they met. Tell us, who cares for the welfare of the citizens more? APC or PDP?

11. Security:

a) All Buhari’s security appointees including guard-soldiers at the presidential villa are Muslims from the north-west and north-east geopolitical zones. Who is fooling who? Buhari’s recent appointment in the military and police force make it possible that the next five generations of most senior officers in these organizations are northern Muslims. Which better way can he Islamize Nigeria?

b) I hope Buhari has not so soon forgot why the soldiers brought the first republic to her kneels. One of the major excuses they gave was that of sectional politics and nepotism and that is exactly what Buhari is yet doing to Nigerians.

c) Within Buhari’s twelve months in office, Fulani herdsmen had become monsters – killing their innocent hosts; Kaduna, Plateau, FCT, Benue, Niger, Enugu, Ogun, Ebonyi, Taraba, Nassarawa states all witnessed a proportion of Fulani attack on villagers and even passersby. The number of death at the hand of the Fulani’s can be imagined as Agatu alone recorded over 500 in one night.

d) The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Buratai and his military entourage on their way to wherever, came across the Shi’tte Moslems processing somewhere in Zaria.

e) Within twelve months of Buhari’s administration, the deadly Boko Haram had sent over 6,000 lives to their untimely grave. What do you call this?

e) The Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) which the APC used to campaign against Jonathan had gone into slumber since Buhari took over. A judgment day will come when everybody will give account of his/her action. Those who claimed to love the Chibok girls more than Goodluck Jonathan will surely give account of the money they received from APC and or their agents if not now, certainly on the last day.

f) It is yet 10 days or thereabout that Mrs. Joshua as preaching along the street at Kubwa in Abuja. It is yet about 20 days, the lady in Kano complained that a Muslim man should not perform his ablution in front of her shop at Sabon Gari market. The next thing, she was killed. In Kaduna, a young man from Benue state was hungry and went to eat with his own money, somebody taught the boy’s banquet is detrimental to his religious obligation – claiming it was fasting period.

d) That learned Barrister Uche who took Buhari to court over the latest certificate saga was compelled (by spirits?) to withdraw the case if he wanted to stay alive. Can you see why I said earlier that the government has been taking the fight to Nigerians in their homes?

Having pointed out the above and many more that are not on this print, can Muhammadu Buhari tell Nigerians the truth of the happenings in our land and how he is trying to tackle them headlong?

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own

Source: Naij


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