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MTN NG Salary Structure: See How Much They Pay Their Workers Monthly


Working for MTN Nigeria can be a good way to boost your career in the telecommunications industry. Without doubt, this company has proven to be the biggest network provider in Nigeria surpassing its competitors ETISALAT, GLO and the likes.

Never the less, it would be fair to know how much MTN Nigeria pays their workers, from the entry level staffs, specialists staff and even the managers working in MTN whether their salary structure is worth the hype or not.

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MTN Nigeria Entry Level Staffs Salary?
Entry level staff working for MTN earns N960 000 in a year which is somewhat low compared to other highest paying companies in Nigeria. The amount above means that an MTN entry level staff is paid N80 000 per month.

MTN Nigeria Specialist Staffs Salary
The company pays its specialist about N4 to N4.6 million per annum. Although, the figures might look a bit large, you would have to work your way to this position. It is also said that a specialist staff is paid a salary of about N390, 000 in a month.

MTN Nigeria Managers Salary
This is one of the highest roles in MTN as you start earning a salary higher than both an entry level staff and a specialist. MTN Nigeria pays its managers a salary of about N9, 300 000 per annum. That is N775 000 per month.

The above is the amount of money or salaries MTN pay to their staff monthly and yearly. So what’s your take on the salary structure of MTN Nigeria.

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