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More On Missing joystick In Lagos: Nigerian Naval Officer Gets More Details


Y’all remember the Ikeja under bridge beggar and the missing joystick? The Nigerian Naval Officer, Kola Onifoto who debunked false report of him being ritualist, has gotten more details after meeting him, a visit he promised those smearing the beggar’s good name.

Here’s what he wrote;

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1. his name is Emmanuel Oyediran

2. He has 7 surviving siblings..

3. He is the 4th child..

4. The father died 3 years ago, mom died almost 20 years ago..

5. He was born like every other normal child

6. Tummy got swollen after 2 months old..

7. Stayed in the hospital for 8 years.. (LUTH)

8. Last time they checked in a hospital was about 15 years ago..

9. His intestines are out in the open and he uses a poly bag to cover it.

10. He passes out excrete through his belly..

He surely needs help, nothing is too small to help Emmanuel..

Please share..”

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