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MMM Participants At It Again! See What They Were Spotted Doing Recently


MMM, the most prominent money doubling scheme in Nigeria, has become the talk of the town after their most recent activity which involved making donations to the poor and needy.

Esheshare Peter Oghenero, an active member of the scheme took to his social media page to share his thoughts about the group and its goodness. He shared a picture of him and some members making monetary donation to some patient in a hospital.

website maintenance and social media management
MMM supports the poor: Check out what the participants are up to again

MMM makes donation to people in the hospital.

I have never heard of any social financial platform that has good intentions & has helped the poor overtime, WENT DOWN! #MMM4Live

The ponzi scheme has helped thousands of Nigerians reap more than they have sown. The scheme gained more popularity because of the economic situation with lots of people seeing it as a way of living abreast the harsh economy.

The scheme’s suspension late last year broke the confidence of many of their participants. Non-participants had the opportunity to mock the people who invested in it; they were sure the scheme was never going to function again because of the huge amount of money Nigerians put in.

Although the money-doubling scheme opened their portal in January, many of their participants are still having a hard time getting help and providing help. Things are gradually going back to normal and the guiders are stronger than ever.

The suspension doused the burning flames of the group and made Nigerians skeptical of MMM’s operation. Irrespective of this, the group is making waves as it has not given up on helping the sick, poor and needy in the society.

MMM supports the poor: Check out what the participants are up to again

MMM is rated to be the only ponzi scheme that has the interest of people at heart.

With this, it is agreeable for one to say the scheme is more interested in improving the lives of people and the standard of living. This is made evident with the N5 million worth of materials MMM made to an IDP camp in Abuja about two months ago.

The group also donated millions to some hospital patients in Ibadan about the same time. The slogan ‘changing the world’ seems true with their activities since they are deeply concerned about making positive impacts in the lives of the people around. The donation was made to help patients battling with deadly ailments settle their bills.

Perhaps Oghenero is right after all, it is intriguing to know that the group is not just about making profit. The wellness of the people is a major concern to them.

website maintenance and social media management


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