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JUST IN: Fayose Baffles All Nigerians, See What He Vows To Do Despite Buhari’s Arrival In Nigeria


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state has joined other Nigerians to thank God for bringing President Muhammadu Buhari back home safely from his medical trip.

The governor speaking in Ado-Ekiti on Friday, March 10, while signing a condolence registrar in honour of Military Governor of the defunct Western Region, General Adeyinka Adebayo, called for more prayers for the president.

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He said: “What is important is that for the President to stay away for that long, anybody would feel concerned about it. So, we pray that may God give him the strength to do his job.

“He has a job to do, so we will continue to pray for him to be well to fix the economy and put food on our table. We cannot task a sick man on these challenges, we will continue to pray for him to be well and bring the Dollar back to N200 or less.

“We don’t have power over life and we have to continue to thank God that the President is alive strong and back. Anybody can be sick whether you are young or old. What is important is that God should give him the strength to be alive and do what we expect him to do for our country.

“I just learnt that he said he would be going back in a few weeks’ time we have to keep our fingers crossed.

“There is no doubt that age is not on his side like every other person and there are many health challenges that come with ageing. What is best is that we continue to pray for him because the Holy books say we should pray for our leaders in authority.”

The governor said Ekiti state would honour Adebayo because of the legacies he left behind.

President Buhari’s Aircraft landed at the Kaduna Air Force base at about 7:40 am on Friday after spending over a month in the UK.

The president at 8.37 am arrived at Presidential Villa and emerged from the Presidential Chopper 8.42 am.

The announcement comes 50 days after the President Muhammadu Buhari wrote a letter to the Senate seeking a ten day leave.

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