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If You Think Juju Is Not Real Then You Need To Watch This Shocking Video

Man Eat Grass

There are several reasons at which men and women gets punished after they are caught having extra-marital affairs all over the world.

If it were in the Northern part of Nigeria and according to the Sharia law, both the man and the woman who have committed this offence would be flogged several strokes of cane in public.

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As seen in Kenya, a young man was reported to have been bewitched and made to eat grasses in public after he was caught sleeping with another man’s wife.

According to the video posted by Neel Akber, the man could be seen by the roadside eating uprooting grasses and eating it as if his life depends on it. People who stood to look at what was going on were heard saying all sorts things.

Watch video of the bewitched man below:

website maintenance and social media management


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